The Dawn of a New Humanity 

Transhumanists like the man in this video are part of a massive global awakening of transhumanist evangelists seeking to confront and ridicule what they perceive to be old and outdated religions which seek to keep mankind in darkness.

They argue they're not proposing anything radically new or different, because we have already set out on the path to a post-human future, in that we are using technology to enhance and extend our human capacities, for example, cell phones, the internet, medical prostheses, glasses, dentures an so on.


It Starts With A Promise

If you could enhance your intelligence, significantly extend your lifespan, or overcome a moral flaw with the help of surgery or pharmaceuticals, would you do it? What if you could make these same improvements in your children before they are even born? Herein lies the question at the center of the growing movement known as transhumanism: if technology could enable you to enhance your life in some way, would you do it, even if it meant losing part of your humanity in the process?

Every human being alive today has been physically altered or enhanced in one way or another. We see the most common examples around us every day. Things like prescription glasses, contact lenses, hip replacements, knee replacements, heart valve pumps, etc. Nearly everyone has received vaccines which enhance our normal physical ability to stave off a wide variety of diseases. Everyone has been touched by some form of physical enhancement. I would also say very few Christians today would argue against every form of enhancement in existence since many of them actually improve the quality of life and the longevity. However it is helpful to take a close look at the degrees of physical enhancement so that we can logically determine when we have gone too far.

Michael Cook, editor of MercatorNet, an online magazine focused on bioethics and the dignity of the human person, states regarding transhumanism:

“It is the desire to use technology to go beyond, to transcend, the current condition of humanity to give human beings greater intellectual, physical, and even moral powers, We use glasses; we wear dentures; we take caffeine; we have pacemakers. This is true, but the nub of transhumanism is extending human capacities, not just repairing defects in the way we are now.....The central idea of transhumanism is that the destiny of our species is completely, wholly, up to us,....There is no sense of the divine providence, God looking after us, which is so characteristic of Christian thinking. So now that we have the technology, it is time to take responsibility for our evolution. Until now, the evolution of man has been random, but from now on, man can take responsibility for choosing what powers he can have.”

2045 - The Search for Immortality

The popularization of transhumanism began with the Global Futures 2045 initiative in February of 2012 (originally known as Russia 2045) in which the first congress was held in Moscow. There were over 50 world leading scientists from multiple disciplines who met to develop a strategy for transferring a human's individual consciousness to an artificial carrier through cybernetic technology within the next three decades.

Headed by Russian multimillionaire, Dmitry Itskov, the aim of the initiative is simply for man to achieve a state of godhood where even if the body dies the consciousness is preserved in another tangible vessel known as an Avatar. The movement's significant partnerships with Humanity+, immense research into Cryogenics, Nanotechnology, Human cloning and Artificial Intelligence, and significant backing from spiritual leaders such as the Dalai Lama has set it apart as the world's premier forum for the research of extended life forms (ELFs).

The project has mapped out several sequential development stages of the Avatar with the first step, called Avatar A, which is due in 2020, involving a person controlling a robotic human replica via a brain-machine interface (BMI), a technology that already exists today. The next step, Avatar B, which is due in 2025, will involve transplanting a human brain into an artificial body at the end of a person’s life. The third step, known as Avatar C and due in 2035, will also involve a human-machine brain transplant, with all personality intact, although to achieve this step, it will be necessary to create a computer model of human consciousness.

The ultimate and crowning objective is that by 2045, the Initiative will have learned enough about the human mind to free it completely from physical form and help individual personalities manifest themselves as holograms when they need to interact with their environment. Many Christian researchers believe this will be the fulfillment of the "image of the beast" in Revelation 13 which has a very strong inference to artificial intelligence.

Transhumanism - Ranked the Worlds Most Dangerous Idea

“What idea, if embraced, would pose the greatest threat to the welfare of humanity?” This was the question posed by the editors of Foreign Policy in the September/October 2004 issue to eight prominent policy intellectuals, among them Francis Fukuyama, former professor of international political economy at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and member of the President’s Council on Bioethics. And Fukuyama’s answer? Transhumanism, “a strange liberation movement” whose “crusaders aim much higher than civil rights campaigners, feminists, or gay-rights advocates.” This movement, he says, wants “nothing less than to liberate the human race from its biological constraints.”

So why does Fukuyama nominate this transhumanist ideal, of working towards making enhancement options universally available, as the most dangerous idea in the world? His distaste for the transhumanist position is so strong that he even wishes for the death of his adversaries: he writes, “transhumanists are just about the last group that I’d like to see live forever”. Why exactly is it so disturbing for Fukuyama to contemplate the suggestion that people might use technology to become smarter, or to live longer and healthier lives?

5 Ways That Transhumanism Could Impact You If You Resist!

Whilst Transhumanism always talks about the power of choice, the truth is that Transhumanism would ultimately through sheer cultural influence, force everyone to partake in its poisonous cocktail of human development in order to simply survive. No doubt you will have been aware of recent developments in Sweden in which a tech company piloted the insertion of microchip implants into its employees. This enabled employees to access secure areas in the building and also pay for their food in the work restaurant.

See the following examples of how life could change for you.

Being at a disadvantage in an interview process because the other interviewees who have adopted transhumanist modifications have greater physical and intelligence capabilities than yourself!
Being at a disadvantage as an athlete in all areas of sport because no longer are you having to compete and face the unsavoury aspects of drug cheats in the sport but now you have to face athletes with physical modifications that give them greater strength and speed capability!
Being more at risk at night time because criminal rings and thieves have underwent physical modifications giving them the ability to see in the dark like a cat or dog and thus greater capabilities under the cover of darkness!
Your child being at a disadvantage in comparison to their classmates because you have chosen for your child not to undergo any human modification. This then causes family tensions as your child then believes you are hindering their development and competitiveness in education!

I could probably list another 30 examples but are you getting the picture that transhumanism is not just another utopian dream of techno geeks but is a real and life changing philosophy that will alter ALL aspects of society overnight?

The Avatar God - Exposing The Rise of the Transhumanist Revolution

The Transhumanist agenda is a powerful one which presents a very powerful case but not powerful enough to escape the watchful eye of the word of God. The Avatar God package below completely exposes the demonic aspects of the Transhumanist agenda and very clearly provides concrete evidence that this agenda is a smoke screen for the implementation of solutions that will ultimately change our DNA. The ultimate goal is to reconfigure the image of God in us that was passed down by Adam.

Why is this above statement so important

Because the rewriting of our DNA (our genetic code) changes the very image of God that has been placed in every human and so if our image has been corrupted we then relinquish any hope of eternal salvation because we are no longer seen as human by almighty God. Listen to what the apostle John stated about those who accept the mark of the beast.

"And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name" Revelation 14:11

GET instant access to over 25 hours of media content (online videos and audio documentaries) split into 4 categories, Digital Messiah - Arising, Music Changeling, Post Human Designers and Annunaki Resurrection.

: Transhumanists view humanity in purely racial terms and as mere products of a cold, uncaring universe and natural selection. Such a fatalistic view of humanity causes them to seek a type of the divine in a future racial species; what Teilhard de Chardin called homo noeticus. In this pagan philosophy, the fundamental human problem is our frailty, our limitation and susceptibility to sickness, old age, and death. The Transhumanist seeks to address the need for human redemption not in responding to the call of the Redeemer provided by our Creator, but in an attempt to replace that Redeemer with a self generated savior of technological fashioning. In effect, a Cybernetic Messiah. Yet even with such a divide between the requirements for a spiritual redeemer compared to a technological saviour we see the emergence of transhumanist associations within religions you would have thought would have rejected the very premise of a technological saviour. Are you aware that there is now a Christian Transhumanist Association, a Mormon Transhumanist Association, a Muslim Transhumanist Association? Riveting DVD that uncovers the good, the bad and the ugly regarding the quest to create artificial intelligence.

: The music industry is marketed towards the youth, and this is done on purpose. Whether or not there is an Illuminati secret agenda doesn’t really matter, what matters is that there is definitely something going on that influences our culture and people from the most impressionable young ages. One of the newer trends is in pushing the cyborg, transhumanism movement. The “robot agenda”, as some observers call it, has been an intricate part of the music industry for years now and examples of it are way too many to enumerate. The theme of the “upgraded human” due to his robotization has been exploited by most of today’s international stars. In this DVD come face to face with the unmistakeable truth of example after example of where the transumanist agenda has been proliferated in full view by many of the worlds biggest music stars including Beyonce, J-Zee, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Black Eye Peas and Pink. However it is not just mainstream pop music in the spotlight, heavy metal and rock music have also been infiltrated by transhumanist concepts and symbols.

: If you had any idea as to how influential The Carnegie Institute and Rockefeller Foundation have been over the last 50-60 years then look no further than this incredible 7 hours of understanding of the companies and men who are pushing the agenda to redesign the human being. The Carnegie Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation are historically the world's largest  funders of social engineering projects and their handprints are all over the popularization and forcing through of the transhumanist agenda into our every day culture. In this incredible 7 hours insight learn about their joint ventures and alliances with powerful technological organizations committed to the human development revolution.

: Are you aware that transhumanist agenda has a very strong link to the Egyptian and Sumerian dynasties of ages past? Are you aware that there is a very subtle link between cryogenics and the mummification of Egyptian pharaohs? Once you understand that the central reasoning behind the mummification of the pharaohs was to preserve their DNA so that future technology could possibly reincarnate or clone people from the past, it will show that the past present and future are all tied by the same umbilical chord. Why is it that the bones of a 15 ft giant human skeleton found in Peru were taken and not released by a powerful institute? Why is it that all these findings are being meticulously micro-managed at government level? Does insight into the Sumerian gods (known as annunaki) show that transhumanism is a secular repackaging of an ancient satanic attempt to corrupt and and destroy the human race?.

2 Incredible Bonuses

Along with your 25 hours of media content (Online videos and audio documetaries) in The Avatar God Package package you will also get immediate access to 2 bonuses which are provocative, controversial and eye opening.

: A fascinating interview on the technology eugenics revolution. A neo-feudal, technocratic, new world order. That's what Eugenics and its offspring Transhumanism, strive for. A system under which you will not just lose your physical rights to independent living (and that is happening right now as this video plays), but you will also be engineered to lose your very soul. Since, as Charles Galton Darwin put it, you will be nothing more than a good worker, which includes being engineered to have the right beliefs, or no beliefs at all. That is the final and most serious note of mental and spiritual disease behind this incredibly selfish and hypocritical paradigm. And that is why it must be stopped.

: We first previewed this subject matter in our release of Premium Disclosures I on the War of Thrones CD.  Since then we have had numerous calls to provide a follow up insight as what we provided then was just a 1 hour introduction to what is a bizarre phenomenon. In the Black Eyed Children Revisited we provide this time over 5 hours worth of coverage. You may wonder why a subject matter like this would be of interest from a biblical perspective. Is it not just an urban legend like bigfoot and the lochness monster? The answer to this is a shocking no and has very strong links to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Nephilim cloning and  genetic engineering gone wrong. The further shocking revelation is the number of people who have had these experiences but were simply too embarrassed to mention it to anyone. If there was ever a subject matter to wake believers to the fact that we are in a spiritual, non passive war, then this is it.

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